18 Women Who are Completely Slaying Freeform Locs on Instagram

Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill, Whoopi Goldberg — many black icons have rocked free form locs, and now the age-old style is coming back on the scene.

Unlike comb coil or twist locs, free form locs do not require that twisting be done at the root. There are two kinds of free form locs: organic free form, which are started without twisting or rolling, and semi-free form, which are started by loosely twisting or rolling the hair then leaving it to grow out on its own. (Some who have semi-free form locs choose to separate their hair at the roots to keep matting at bay, while others let their roots be.)

Although freeform locs have been traditionally associated with the granola/black hippie crowd they are re-emerging as a chic and inventive style option. These 18 women perfectly exemplify their beauty.



















Have you every considered free form locs?