Going Green With My Hair Care

Go greenI wanted to do my part in trying to eliminate waste when it comes to my beauty and hair care regimen which generally means conserving and reusing where possible. Here are a few of the ways I plan to save my planet while maintaining great curls:

Cut back on Electricity

Cut back on the use of anything that plugs into the wall. That means flat irons, curling irons, diffusers and any other electrical appliance I may use on my locks.

Some of my best curly styles are attained just by air drying my hair. I often use this method over a diffuser anyway because the less manipulation my hair is subject to the easier it will be for the curls to set.

To create volume, instead of using a curling iron, try a twist and curl, braid out or twist out, add rollers at the end for added definition. I will save electricity money and reduce heat damage all in one shot.

high bun hairstyleWashing my hair at the Kitchen Sink

Using the shower to wash my hair vs. the kitchen sink will save plenty of hot water because for some reason it is a lot easier to turn off the tap between rinses at the sink vs. in the shower where the water is left running as I conduct my washing rituals.

However if I am in the shower the solution would be to make a conscious effort to turn the water off as I lather up.

Use all Natural Products

This one is tricky, because not all products that claim the title of natural are natural but there are some simple guidelines that I tend to follow. Instead of harsh chemicals, I try to avoid products that contain sulfates. Natural products such as black soap are gentler for the hair and the product lasts longer!

Deep conditioning can be as simple as running to the kitchen, grabbing a few items and mixing them up for a great deep conditioning session depending on your hair needs. For example if your hair needs protein, use and egg or yogurt, for moisture and shine, Avocado is great.

Purchase products that have dual purposes

Items such as apple Cider Vinegar are great for clarifying hair as well as for your body’s overall health (I often will have a table spoon of ACV with a tall glass of water when I wake up). Lemons and lemon juice are great for the skin; Bananas make a great facial mask, hair mask as well as great addition to breakfast.

A Great Recipe for cleaning hair tools.

2 Tablespoons of baking soda, capful of mouthwash- This can be used to wash hairbrushes, combs and other styling tools

We can always play our part in saving our planet.

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