My Hair Don’t Care – Debunking Hair Myths

Black woman with side afro puff smilingThere are some common natural hair rules or no no’s that often scare us half to death to the point where many of us absolutely swear up and down we would never do ‘this or that’ to our hair.

I do not follow all the rules if I did…. I may as well lock my hair up in a box and never take it out. #justsayin

Heat is bad bad bad

I have always said that I am not a heat hater; it comes in handy when I do not have time to dry my hair or if I want a more stretched out style.

I have even used my flat iron on my hair in its curly state to stretch my curls when I want a more elongated look that banding doesn’t give me.

Proper heat application and hair maintenance is the key, so really what would do I fear? The heat or my ability to take care of my hair?

Stay away from color because it is drying

I do think color can be drying, but so can be constant de-toxing, again it comes down to care, personally I if did decide to lift my color it would not be in my bathroom in front of my mirror talking to myself.

I would go to a recommended professional who knows exactly what they are doing. And if I pay attention to the fact that my colored hair will need a constant protein and moisture balancing act then everything else is up to me.

Don’t brush your hair with a boar bristle brush

My brush is a hot pink boar brush and I use it all the time especially in the shower. Obviously you want to be smart when brushing your hair meaning if you feel it yanking your hair out, you might want to tone that down.

I apply conditioner to my hair and brush my hair into a pony tail before leaving the shower every time I create a wet bun or ponytail. The recommended Denman brush for me is the worst invention ever made, for someone else it may be the best!

Do not leave ‘regular’ conditioner in your hair

I always, always leave a little conditioner in my hair before exiting the shower it adds moisture to my hair that some leave-ins do not add. Conditioner is conditioner the ends of my hair are coated even more when I get out of the shower to ensure they are well moisturized especially if I am leaving my hair out for the day or night.

Do not use grease

Ummmm, my momma did it! And guess what! I spent half of my journey not using grease because I always heard grease is bad for my hair, well I use it all the time and it has protected my porous strands more than any other oil ever has.

Who would have thought grease would have given me the results I received from this wash and go. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Protective styling helps your hair to retain length

I absolutely believe that this rule works but I do not believe that it is the only thing that helps with length retention. I have done mini twists twice in my whole life and unfortunately it lead to a ton of breakage, that sort of styling just does not work for me.

My hair is out most of the time or in some sort of updo, and it does well.

Moral of the story is, listen to your hair and enjoy it.

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