4 Non-Hair Related Things That Help You Grow Long, Healthy Hair

notebook-and-penWhile we focus the majority of our efforts and learning on our actual hair, its likes and dislikes and developing and adhering to a healthy hair regimen, there are some things that have nothing to do with our regimen that are equally important to growing long and maintaining healthy hair.

1. Organization! Knowing where everything is, having an exact inventory of products and tools, and a specific place for all of your hair items is very important.  A lesson I am just learning myself.  How many times have you found a product that worked extremely well for you at one point with the expression “Ahhhh, that’s where it was!”  If you are anything like me, it has happened more than a few times.  Having everything organized can help you to stick to your regimen a lot easier.

2. Journaling.  For those that blog, that usually serves the purpose of keeping track of exactly what you are doing, what works, what hasn’t, etc.  But even if you do not blog, keep a personal journal.  It doesn’t have to be extremely detailed with long, written messages to yourself.  It can be as simple as a calendar book.  Every wash just write what you used and the results.  Keep track of your relaxer touchups, trims, and hard protein treatments.  Keeping everything written (or typed) is extremely important!

3. Hygeine.  No I’m not talking about personal hygiene!  I trust that we all wash our bodies and hair on a regular basis…no need to share. I’m talking about keeping your hair tools clean.  How often do you actually sanitize your combs, brushes, and irons?  Using a dirty flat iron is a huge faux pas and your hair will pay dearly for it.  Imagine passing a burning hot metal plate along the length of your hair that has dirt, grime, and old product on it! Ewwww, nasty!  Also, make sure you wash your scarves, bonnets, and pillowcases on a regular basis.  This could all be easily missed but are very important.

4. Honest advice.  I know we all lament over the lack of knowledge of professional cosmetologists and discouraging remarks from friends and family and at the same time post on our blogs or favorite hair forums our progress hoping for encouraging words and positive feedback.  But we all need HONEST feedback in our lives.  When our ends need to be trimmed, we need to hear “Girl, cut that mess off – your hair will look better” not people telling us it’s not that bad, may even itself out, or to wait until we reach a certain point.  We need people to tell us that our methods may not be working and that perhaps we should visit a professional for our next touch up because the last one we tried to do on our own was an epic fail.  Honest (not hateful) advice keeps our hair looking its best, no matter how irritating it may be when we hear it!

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