5 Reasons You Should Stop Searching for Love


With all those posts and photos glorifying phrases like ‘true love’ or ‘relationship goals’ online, it is very easy to get pulled into the idea of being in love with the right person. Love is the most wonderful and unique relationship there is, and most people look and wait for it all the time.

And no matter how often they deny it, most women are susceptible to wanting to fulfill the need to find love.

By: Olivia Ryan

‘What many don’t understand is – love is not something you reach. It is not a goal you must pursue or something you get ‘if you don’t give up’. Love will come on its own and find you, not the other way around.’ – says Kathy Bing, content writer at Aussie Writings.

If you are still doubting this theory, here are 5 undeniable reasons why you should stop searching for love.

1. Love Searching Distracts You from Important Things

loveWhen you let life take its course, you can focus on the things that actually matter. Constantly searching for love is not only frustrating, but also bad for you and your life in the present.

People who obsess over finding life tend to avoid and forget about the other important things in life, such as the family, friends, career, health, and education. You can never know when life will connect you with that special someone, but there isn’t harm from working on other aspects of your life while this happens.

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2. Obsession Can Lead You to the Wrong Person

Desperately trying to find love often results in making a huge mistake. Instead of settling for something that isn’t the ‘real thing’, wait for love to take its course. When you force yourself to find love or create a great relationship from the very beginning, you can easily overlook the things that are bad for you.

If you are a person who is constantly waiting for love to happen, you probably have built unrealistic expectations along the way. This puts you in grand risk of an unhealthy relationship. And when love actually finds you, you may push the right person away because of it.

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3. Love Can’t Be Forced

You may cater to the needs of the person you love or want to love. But in the end, you cannot force love on someone. In some cases, you will be ready for love, but the other person won’t be. Some people do not seek to find love, but find it anyways. Still, it does not mean that they are willing to rush into it if you are.

The guy or girl you are going out with may see you as a good friend, or see the relationship as not-so-serious just yet. If they are not ready to be in love yet, you cannot force love on them. It simply does not work that way.

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4. Desperation for Love is a Sign of Weakness

Regardless of your traits and amazing qualities, neediness can come as a sign of weakness in the eyes of the other person.

Desperation to find love can easily be seen in your actions, and this can kill the love even before it starts.

When you are desperate to find a significant other, you probably sound too desperate. The other person will see this eventually and start looking at you as a person with low self-esteem.

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5. Love will Find You When You Stop Looking

The more you search for love, the more evasive and harder this becomes. Love will find you when you stop looking for it, because when it comes to this, love is the one that finds the person.

No one knows why this happens with certainty, but the right person tends to appear when you are not looking for him or her. Perhaps it is the confidence you demonstrate when you are pursuing other interests, or the fact that you are not ‘looking for the right person’ with already-set expectations in your mind.

Whatever the case, love will appear in your life when you stop looking. This is the biggest reason why that obsession must stop today. Just let life take its course, and love will find you eventually.

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