5 Things That Contribute to Breakage in Relaxed Hair

Hairbrush with broken hair
We have all spent extra time inspecting every strand of hair in our combs or on the counter to see if there’s breakage or shedding. Before we start, let’s be sure we all know the difference between breakage and shedding.

Shedding occurs when hair has completed it’s growth cycle and falls out from the root. If the hair you find has a white bulb at one end it is most likely shedding. Excess shedding can be controlled by various means.

Breakage however occurs at any point along the hair shaft. Meaning, those small hair you may find on your shoulders or bathroom floor could possibly be broken off pieces of hair. Breakage is the nemesis to all women trying to achieve long, healthy hair.

While some breakage may occur, more than 5 strands could mean a potential problem. If you see more than 10-15 strands at anytime, you are suffering from chronic breakage and need to treat the problem, ASAP. Here are five things that could possibly be contributing to your breakage problem.

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