Andy Allo Talks Music, Acting And Her Ever-Changing Tresses

Hype Hair Feb 2018 x Andy Allo

Photo Credit: Michael Becker

Cameroon-born singer and actress Andy Allo shines on the cover of Hype Hair’s February 2018 issue. More than just a pretty face, Andy has secured her place in music history as Prince’s former protégée and singer/guitarist in his New Power Generation band. She even worked directly under the legend himself for her sophomore album Superconductor. Since then, she has been tapped as the next big thing in music. 

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Since then, she has performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Guitar Center Sessions and Billboard Sessions Exclusive—and most recently completed a short tour with Enrique Iglesias and a solo residency in Los Angeles. Now the singer is spreading her wings with a new EP titled One Step Closer 

She is also making a name for herself in acting, landing roles in The Hero and Pitch Perfect 3. Last month, she was tapped to star as the lead in Amazon’s comedy pilot Upload from The Office creator Greg Daniels.

Here we chat with the beauty about her rise to success, working with the legendary Prince and, of course, her hair and beauty faves.

Hype Hair: Andy, you star in Pitch Perfect 3. How exciting! Tell us about your role and your experience starring in the movie.
Andy Allo: It was really inspiring to be on a set, surrounded by all these incredibly talented and hilarious women. My character, Serenity, throws a lot of shade—which was so much fun—and I loved playing the bad guy. This was such a perfect film to be a part of, because it brings together the two things I love, which are acting and music.

HH: Do you have any memorable behind-the-scenes moments?
AA: There’s a scene in the movie where our band, Evermoist, is doing our big performance, and the audience was a mix of civilians and active military. It was really cool involving folks who serve our country and seeing them having a blast, take after take. By the time we finished, they knew all the words to our song and it felt very much like a real concert. It was really cool.

HH: You worked with Prince’s New Power Generation as a singer/guitarist. You also worked with the man himself on your album Superconductor. What was that like?
AA: It was a life-changing experience and one that, even now, sometimes I can’t believe happened. Prince was a very down-to- earth and funny person. He also held everyone around him to a high stan- dard, which made you give your all and your best every time. I became a great Ping-Pong player because of our endless matches—and I also became a better songwriter and musician. He taught me what it takes to be an artist, and it’s something that keeps me continually challenging and pushing myself.

HH: How do you stay motivated in you career and in your day-to-day life?
AA: Honestly, I don’t function without a good night’s sleep—so I try to get at least seven to eight hours. Every night, I write down what I’m going to accomplish the next day so I go to bed knowing what I need to do. It helps me stay productive. I’m a big list person, so I have lists of my life, personal and career goals. I love lists. I think there’s something powerful in writing things down. As I get things done, it helps me stay on track, and I get motivated. I love what I do, and I know that there’s nothing else I’d rather do.