Cascading Retro Bangs – Protective Style

I have been trying out different methods of protective styling in order to protect my ends from the harsh winter weather. Although it may be very new to a lot of you, lets face it, we all prefer my hair out, it is still an important part of a good hair care regimen.

Protective styles however do not always have to be mini twists, braids or cornrows, they can be fabulous updo’s or styles that involve scarves. If you are like me where wearing one style gets boring, keeping it creative is the name of the game!

My 5 simple rules:

1.) Keep your style sleek and simple – I try not to do anything too complicated, for example a simple side ponytail fish braid, two braids or a big messy bun. This keeps the hair out of the way and the ends protected.

2.) Think outside of the box; For example I like to look at how women would wear their hair in various era’s! Right now I am loving the 1950’s styles …it is so much fun to emulate how they wore their hair in those days. Pin curls and bright red lipstick anyone?

3.) Have fun with accessories – adding accessories to your hair is always fun – cute flowers, pins, bands and clips come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. They can jazz up any style not to mention a cute outfit.

4.) Have the right tools- My all time favourite item is a hair pin, I have a gagillion of them, I also tend to buy products that protect and seal in moisture when I plan to protect my hair.

5.) Take pictures of your favourite hair style creations so that you have a reference when you want to try something and nothing comes to mind. It is great to look back at a journal to see what styles you have created and sometimes improve on the style or try to put another spin on it.

My style today: Cascading Retro Bangs

These bangs are so easy…a cave man could do it!

-Determine what you want to use as your bangs by creating a section in the front of your hair, bunning the rest at the back
-Twist your bangs into 3-6 separate twists forward or towards your chin
-Angle each twist to create a little waterfall over your forehead and pin
-Be creative with how you place the twists to achieve the look you want
-For the rest of my hair, I have it all bunned and moisturized under a scarf

Here are the pictures:

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