Curlformers Review On 4a Natural Black Hair

smooth and shiny curlsIn my never ending quest to find the perfect curl it wasn’t long until curlformers found their way to my door. I’m a natural 4a and I’ve done the Brazilian Keratin Treatment which loosened my curl pattern to one vaguely resembling a 3c. I have tried curlformers in the past pre heat-training and my results were blah to say the least but feeling brave with my now looser curls I was ready to try again!

My hair when slightly shrunken in a braidout is at that awkward length where it has lost the ‘normal’ shoulder length braid out look but is not quite at the luscious waist length stage (when straight my hair sits at mid back length). For this reason I would love to find a style that can make my hair appear shorter and shapelier without resorting to natural shinkage and attracting the curse of single strand knots!

Enter curlformers. Curlformers are a totally new and innovative way to curl your hair. They are eaiser to apply than flexirods while giving similar or better results according to the curlformer manufacturers and fans. See full specs.

I was itching to give myself a curly makeover. Here was my procedure:

1. I started with freshly washed and conditioned hair with just a mist of glycerine water for my leave in

2. I separated my hair into 5 sections. Each section was divided into 6 for a total of 30 curlformers. I purchased the 40 Extra long and wide set.

3. The curlformers are applied using a large plastic hook that is used to grab the section of hair at the roots and insert while stretching the rest of your hair inside the curlformer. Sound cryptic doesn’t it? Actually it’s much easier than using flexi rods and less fiddly than regular rollers. Youtube users have some great video tutorials on the process.

4. Once all the curlformers are appplied, just sit under a dryer. The curlformers are made of a plastic mesh like material so they allow your hair to dry in record time, mine was done in 45 minutes!

5. Remove the curlfomers by sliding them off your hair and separate the curls for fullness

6. Blow out or flat iron your roots if desired

Results and Thoughts

I gave up stylists about 3 years ago when I went natural but one thing that I have always missed from my relaxed days is those fresh roller sets that I got from my stylist. I would never have imagined for one moment that I could get those results again as a natural and at home no less! The curls that I got from the curlformers were soft, light and so bouncy! Here are the pictures of my adventures in curlformers:

The curls gave my hair a great shape and with ‘pineapple-ing’ my hair at night I was able to get 3 days wear out of them. So do I think curlformers are worth it?

Well speaking as a natural 4a, when I originally used them on my hair, my expectations were way too high. Although the set did flatten my hair, there was none of the smoothness or shine that I had expected. I have seen ladies on youtube with similar results that I had with my first set and I have been loving the sets so it depends entirely on your expectations if that is your hairtype.

However, fast forward post BKT and my results have been amazing. For my hard work I was rewarded with smooth and shiny curls. I would suggest you take a look at youtube video tutorials of someone with similar hair to you to get an idea of potential results before you purchase.

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