K. Michelle Reveals Butt Implant Removal On ‘The Dr. Oz Show’

K. Michelle

Photo Credit: Instagram/@Kmichellemusic

K. Michelle has been vocal over the past few months about deflating her oversized derriere back down to its God-given plumpness. After experiencing a bout of migraines and other health issues, she had taken to social media and various news sites to share she would be removing them at the top of 2018.

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After a successful surgery last month, the Crazy Like You singer revealed the entire process and motivation behind it on The Dr. Oz Show yesterday.

“I really thought I was popping. I was like oh yeah I look good!,” she told Dr. Mehmet Oz after she first got the injections. “I didn’t start to feel any pain or have any issues until like a year ago and my health just started to decline. I had seen some stories of a lot of women who were going through the same thing and it was like discoloration. t was pain in your back, it was migraines, it was super discomfort.”

K. Michelle’s own butt injections had left thousands of pea-sized pellets of foreign material in her backside and mixed in with her body fat. Her plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole said the small spongy substance is often found to be carcinogenic which is why the injections are illegal and commended her for wanting to get them out. Ultimately, Dr. Niccole was able to remove about 40% of the original injections, still leaving her with a considerable sized backside.

Revealing her reduced assets on the show, K. Michelle said she wanted to continue to encourage women to not risk their health in order to please a man or fit a certain image.

“No amount of beauty is worth my health,” she told Dr. Oz. And, at the end of the day, she was just happy to get some of her own self back.

“I wanted to get back to Kimberly. I wanted to get back to the person that my mother gave birth to.”