Moisture In Haircare Is Not As Important As You Think It Is!

moisture vs protective styling

Why low manipulation beats moisture hands down every time.

You’ve tweaked your regimen to within an inch of it’s life. You moisturize daily without fail and sleep with a satin bonnet on top of a silk pillowcase (can’t be too careful!). You avoid heat like the plagaue and yet 6 months go by and you have nothing to show for it. Your hair looks about the same length maybe gained a quarter of an inch? Before you scream to the heavens, cue dramatic music, ‘WHYYYYYY?”, its time to look at how you prioritize your regimen.

We all know ‘black hair is dry which is why it breaks easily’ right? True but it’s more accurate to say that ‘black hair is dry which is why it breaks easily when manipulated!’ You could have the highest moisture content in your strands of all other woman in your state but if you are manipulating your hair excessively, then you’ve got a breakage problem. A good regimen is one that strives to reduce manipulation rather than just to increase moisture.

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