Ted Gibson On The Power Of Changing Lives As A Stylist

Ted Gibson

We all know the power of a good hairstyle. It can set us up for the next venture, symbolize a change or just be the therapy we need for the day. And, I dare say, if we had to choose between our significant others and a hairstylist who can do all that, well, you know. 

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The legendary stylist Ted Gibson gets that and wants all hairstylists to understand their power as beauty influencers. The creative hair genius, who is both a celebrity stylist and celebrity, in his own right, recently took center stage at the 2018 International Salon & Spa Expo in Long Beach where he challenged stylists to look beyond trends to how they can impact clients’ lives.

“We should know about trend, but we shouldn’t be a slave to it,” as he walked the stage during his Harajuku-inspired presentation. “All of us know we are all inspired by the same people who are on Instagram or on Facebook. We are all inspired by the same things. I think, for me, what’s made me famous is being able to see and discover [that] something in a woman that she doesn’t discover in herself. I think that it is our responsibility as hair dressers.”

Ted went on to challenge stylists who don’t believe that to rethink why they were in the room.

“I believe we are able to change women’s lives and men’s lives in an instant — just by the power of touch, just by how we cut and color their hair. They are not the same person when they came in and when they leave. They are not the same person when I get a chance to do somebody on the red carpet.”

We couldn’t agree more! Press play below to watch part of his inspiring message (and please forgive my shaky footage!).