The Baggy Method – Ultra Moisture Fix For Your Dry Hair

The baggy method

The Baggy Method Defined

Put simply the baggy method or baggying is a technique used to lock in moisture for an extended period of time using conditioner, oil and a plastic cap or bag. Baggying can be done on the entire head or it can be done on a ponytail.

In unusually cold weather your hair may tend to feel super dry, un-moisturized and tangled. If you shampoo but bypass your normal deep conditioning routine opting for a quick wash out conditioner, the harsh winter weather will not give your hair the chance to retain any moisture.

To rectify this situation you could opt for a quick co-wash in the morning however baggying which is what I used to do when I first went natural can be quite as effective.

Here’s how I do the baggy method, my hair is usually a hot mess before I begin the process!

I decided not to apply the conditioner to my whole head but rather to proceed with doing it on two ponytails only.

You will need:

1. Two sandwich bags/conditioner caps – Or however many depending on how many ponytails you decide to have.

2. Your favorite moisturizing conditioner: I used my Lekair Cholesterol.

3. An oil of your choice – I used castor oil.

4. Goodie hair bands

5. Water

My process

► I separated my hair into two ponytails ensuring that the top half of my hair was moisturized by sprizing each ponytail with water. No need to have it dripping wet but just damp. By separating my hair into two I could cover more of my hair with conditioner in comparison to just having one ponytail.

► I applied the conditioner liberally, I am very heavy handed!

► I applied my castor oil on top to seal in the moisture.

► I twisted my hair into messy bun of sorts and then used the small sandwich bags to cover each pony tail securing the bag with a goodie hair band as shown below:

How to do the baggy method

In the morning your hair like mine should feel super moisturized. The next step would be to co wash your entire head in order to get the excess conditioner out.

This method works wonders on my hair and I would recommend it whether your hair is natural or relaxed. If it’s cold, using double or triple ponytails will allow you to give the benefit of baggying more of your hair without the discomfort of having to wet your entire head, especially when leaving the bags in overnight.

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