Chef Bev Kumari Has A Vision For The Future… And It’s Vegan

hair loss for vegansThe word “vegan” earned its official name after woodwork teacher, Donald Watson, called a meeting at the Leicester Vegetarian Society to coin the term. By adjoining the first and last letters of  “vegetarian” to create “ve-gan”, it marked, in Mr Watson’s own words, “the beginning and end of vegetarian”.

Nearly a century later, the meatless and dairy-free lifestyle has spread across the world and onto countless Instagram feeds— displaying easy, colorful and often elegant dishes that are rich in essential vitamins like iron, calcium and yes… even protein. 

Bev Kumari, the author of the cookbook Nouveau V The New Renaissance of Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine, is at the forefront of the new vegan movement.

Kimberly Elise vegan actressHaving grown up with parents who did not support her young desire to eat a plant-based diet, Chef Bev found solace in the ancient Indian traditions of Ahimsa, the belief in not harming any life or soul. She now runs her own vegan centered-company in Arlington, Virginia, making it easier for others to make cruelty-free food choices at any age.

We spoke to Chef Bev about what is in development at Nouveau Vanguard and what she sees as the future of vegan cuisine.

By: Team Kimberly 

Q: Was it a smooth road to Veganism? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?

Growing up in a meat-based home, and wanting to become a vegetarian at a young age was reticent.  It was something that Black families did not partake in or know enough about at the time. My love for animals has always been paramount, even as a child. Again though, culture and religious upbringing left me empty and alienated when it came to my compassion for animals, and the rights they were entitled.  It was my own renewed spiritually, while living in India, that led me to solidifying a vegan lifestyle.

Nouveau Vanguard

Q: What is your company name and its mission? 

Nouveau Vanguard is the name of my company.

The name is just that: Modern leaders who readily develop new ideas.

Kimberly Elise vegan actressQ: What sets you apart from others?

I am a vegan gourmet chef, and cookbook author. I develop and create vegan foods from classic gourmet cuisines from around the world. I have created and developed my own vegan sauces and aiolis, which I am currently marketing.

Q: What’s your next step?

I would like to eventually open an upscale vegan restaurant that is not only affordable, but gives back to urban and low-income communities– similar to inner city garden plots, and free or subsidized cooking schools.

“Culture and religious upbringing left me empty and alienated when it came to my compassion for animals, and the rights they were entitled.”

Q: Do you have any predictions for big shifts, changes, or trends in the culinary world?

I believe veganism, and plant-based diets are the new paradigm.  The trend will only increase over the next few years.

Photo Source: Nouveau Vanguard Instagram

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