Coconut Oil No Good For Your Natural Mane? Try This SZA-Approved Alternative


Photo Credit: Instagram/@Sza

When it comes to natural hair, it’s not a one size fits all movement – and SZA is here to prove it. Though known for infamous voluminous tresses, the R&B songbird has had her fair share of hair struggles learning what we’ve all had to learn. What may work for one, may not work for all.

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In a recent interview with Refinery29, the New Jersey-native opened up about her hair type and how a natural hair fave failed to do her mane any justice. While the answer may come as a surprise, her alternative will make you want to stock your arsenal.

“I don’t fu*k with the Internet, because the Internet will steer you somewhere crazy,” she told the publication. “The Internet had me fu*king with coconut oil, which honestly dries my hair out. Castor oil is the only thing that gets me right. I have 4C hair, so my sh*t is porous.”


Photo Credit: Instagram/@sza

Every natural hair texture has its pros and cons, however, learning your texture is the only way to discover what works for you.

“If I have to shampoo, I do it twice,” she says. “And then condition hard as fu*k for the rest of the day. Protein leaves my hair hella dry, so egg is my weird thing to do. I use a lot of Manuka honey on my hair, too. And I put hemp oil and castor oil on my scalp any time I do a protective style.”

She also shared, “As long as you put on some type of water-based cream and lock it in with an oil, it honestly doesn’t matter what you use.”

Have you had similar issues with coconut oil? What do you use as an alternative? Let us know down below!