How Kimberly Ate Vegan While Filming Death Wish | Behind The Scenes

For me, one of the greatest joys of being an actor is having the opportunity to travel all over the world.

I love to get to meet new people, roam different neighborhoods, browse unique shops and dine in popular and hidden gem restaurants.

Since I arrived in Montreal, Quebec to work on the film Death Wish, I had the opportunity to experience all of the above! Montreal has a stellar reputation for its amazing restaurants.

By: Kimberly Elise


Selfie at Invitation V, a vegan bistro.


Chickpea Soup at Invitation V

As a gluten-free vegan, I was initially worried that I would be shut out of the fun.

Wow, was I wrong!

With many restaurants offering options for people with all kinds of diets and a plethora of strictly vegan restaurants, I had more than enough fabulous dining experiences to feel like a part of the foodie experience here.

Among my favorites were Copper Branch and Invitation V (which was highly recommended by the French Canadian wardrobe stylist in my movie).

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I even found a Chinese Tea house with hundreds of teas to choose from and finger foods for every diet.

All these spots are popular with vegan and meat-eaters alike!

Now that I’ve found great spots to eat, I just need to work on my French!

Bon appétit!

Death Wish opens in theaters on March 1st.

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Kimberly Elise is an award-winning film and television actress, who is best known for her leading roles in The Manchurian Candidate, Beloved, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and Set It Off. A vegan, Kimberly advocates cruelty-free, mindful, authentic living.