How to Leave the Salon with a Smile!

Stylist In Action

Most women of color invest a lot of time and energy into their hair and it seems that once you begin your healthy hair journey, that amount is exponentially increased – along with investing more money as well.  We go through a product junkie phase, purchasing quality products and tools (new dryer, flat iron, curling irons, steamer, etc), and sometimes upgrading or changing our stylist.

Some ladies are complete DIY’ers, doing everything from coloring and relaxing to trims and weaves.  Personally, I enjoy doing my weekly styles myself and have even indulged in the world of self-installation weaves but prefer to leave chemical services and trims to the professionals.  Since I am not a native to the city in which I currently reside that means that I had to find a hair care professional suitable for my needs, which can be a very frustrating task.  Whether you are looking for a new stylist or even just visiting for a one-time service, here are my suggestions on how to be satisfied with your visit.

 1. Be clear on pricing.  Ask up front about the service you want done and inquire whether it includes “extras” in the price.  For example, if you want a shampoo and style, ask if it includes a deep conditioning session.  Is the style only for a blow-dry and curl or does it include rollersets and updos also?

Be specific about exactly what you want done.  During the service if the stylist suggests something, ask if there is an additional charge.  I once visited a salon for a wash and set and I asked if there was an additional charge for deep conditioning up front, which there was.

While washing my hair, the stylist described a special “smoothing treatment” and thought it would be great for my hair.  I mistakenly assumed it was part of the deep conditioning I had requested and agreed only to later find out that it was an additional $15!

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