Tips On How To Summer-ize Your Hair

4a Natural Hair With FlowerSummer hair is always fun normally your tresses are free and protective styling may be less frequent. As it gets hot the heat from the sun and air can lead to dryness just as it would during the winter time. Here are some tips for summer-rizing your hair.

Co wash often – The extra water applied to your strands can help with moisture retention and overall reduction of dryness. Additionally using only conditioner does not strip the hair of its natural oils like a sulfate laden shampoo would. Try to choose conditioners that do not have silicones that coat the hair to give the appearance of moisture.

Deep condition oftendeep conditioning adds more moisture which combats the effects of the natural heat your hair is exposed to during the summer.

Use humectants– adding humectants to your regimen pulls moisture from the air and adds it to your hair. Tip: add honey or castor oil to your conditioners.

Do wet styles such as wet buns that keep moisture in the hair as you wear the style.

Air dry – this is a must when trying to retain moisture. Using heat on top of the natural heat will only dry out the hair faster. Air drying is much more fun because your style sets even better without the extra manipulation.

Wear a hat– Hats are a must in the summer anyway as they provide great shade for our skin and hair.

Protective styling– It is suggested to do more protective styling during the summer, chic buns, French rolls anything that reduces manipulation.

Baggy the ends of the hair at night– apply your favorite conditioner to the ends of the hair and cover with a sandwich bag. This might be especially necessary if you prefer your hair to be worn out and therefore more exposed to the sun and summer heat.

Drink a ton of water – Drinking water hydrates your body and is healthy for your hair.

Spray your hair with water daily or as needed. Tip: add Aloe Vera juice and oil to amp up your spray mixture.

Invest in anti frizz products to help reduce frizz.

Use conditioner before swimming – When swimming in the pool or at the beach apply conditioner to your hair prior to entering the water, conditioners can reduce the effects of the salt from the beach or the chlorine from the pool.

Is it hot where you are? How do you plan to summer-ize your hair?